e Savers Standard Chartered

e Savers Standard Chartered, Earn up to 1.90% p.a. interest without locking in your money and seize future opportunities with e$aver

Standard Chartered eSaver Bonus Interest Rate Promotion 2018


Don’t you love Standard Chartered eSaver Account?

They are always having yet another interest rate promotion!

Standard Chartered eSaver Bonus Interest Promotion

To enjoy one of the highest interest rates for your cash savings without any bells and whistles, just put in incremental fresh funds into your existing SCB eSaver account from now till 31 January 2019.

With the Bonus eSaver promotion interest rate of 1.65% p.a. on your eligible incremental balance (compared to November 2018’s average daily balance), you get to enjoy a total interest rate of up to 1.90% p.a. on your incremental balance.

Even with less than $50,000 deposit balance, you still get a total of 1.75% p.a. interest rate on your incremental balance. That’s quite a good deal 🙂

Act now to transfer your excess cash to enjoy this eSaver promotion while it last.

It keeps changing and this is one of the best rates they have ever offered!

Keep in mind that this promotion makes Standard Chartered eSaver Interest Rate one of the highest in the market right now. Make your money work a bit harder instead of sitting idle with this SCB eSaver Promotion!

Account BalancePrevailing Interest Rate On Deposit BalanceBonus Interest Rate On Eligible Incremental BalanceTotal Interest Rate On Eligible Incremental Balance
< S$50,0000.10% p.a.1.65% p.a.1.75% p.a.
S$50,000 to < S$200,0000.15% p.a1.80% p.a.
≥S$200,0000.25% p.a.1.90% p.a.