Duncan O’hara Massey University


Online instructional design, programme and paper (re)development, online learning and teaching.

Consultancy Experience

Online instructional design, programme and course design and development.

Professional Interests

Blended teaching and learning, programme development, communication management.

Brief Bio

I have worked at Massey for close to ten years in a variety of roles.  I have been a tutor, a trainer, a teaching consultant, a team leader and now I manage the Educational Technology Unit in the National Centre.
Online learning and teaching is my core focus. I oversee the Stream project including its budget. My interests lie in working with staff to effectively blend technology into programmes and individual papers. 

I have worked in various training and teaching roles and enjoy working with people. 

My responsibilities include: 

  • Managing the Educational Technology Unit
  • Operational responsibility for Stream
  • Provision of advice, guidance on the creation of online learning environments
  • Monitoring and evaluating the use of Massey University’s online learning toolset


  • Master of Management – Massey University (2010)
  • Diploma in Business and Administration – Massey University (2000)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Massey University (1999)