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Capitec Bank Hillcrest

Capitec Bank Hillcrest

Below is the information on the Capitec Bank Hillcrest.


  • Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm
  • Saturday, 8am – 3pm
  • Sunday, 9am – 1pm

Physical Address

Shop LG11 Watercrest Mall,
141 Inanda Rd,


  • 0860 10 20 43

About Us

From one banking solution and innovative tech to Sunday and paperless banking, everything we do is to make your life easier and empower you to take control of your money. 

A bit more about us 

Simplicity – To simplify banking, we’ve developed an all-inclusive banking solution. Global One is the one solution that enables you to transact, save and access credit in realtime. We also believe in harnessing the power of technology to make each interaction easier and simpler. 

Affordability – We do everything we can to ensure that our clients have access to transparent and affordable banking services. When you bank with us, there are no hidden costs. We’re committed to making sure that you have a clear understanding of exactly what you’re paying for. 

Accessibility – Why shouldn’t you have access to your cash when and where you want it?! Whether you prefer Remote Banking, ATM transacting, drawing cash from tills at your local supermarket or coming into one of our branches, the way you access you cash is entirely up to you. 

Personal service – An affordable, simplified banking solution would mean very little without excellent service. Our immediate focus is to build a relationship with you to better understand your needs and goals and to empower you to take control of your cash.