Capitec Bank Bayside

Capitec Bank Bayside

Below is the information on the Capitec Bank Bayside.

Capitec Bank has, through innovation, combined the above into a single facility. It provides access to numerous options of each, via a paperless card-driven process which delivers everything on a realtime basis. The innovative packaging of this facility and our unique service platform have resulted in a low-cost bank infrastructure, requiring no costly branch back office, which delivers the most accessible, simplified, affordable banking available in the market.

Trading Hours
Monday – Friday: 09h00-18h00

Saturday: 08h00-15h00

Sunday: 09h00-13h00

1st & 25th of each month: 09h00-18h00

Public holidays: CLOSED


Shop F Bayside Mall,

8 Raats Drive

(021) 556 2961