Bond University Psychometric Test

Based on the changes in the selection process made in 2018, if you are applying to join the faculty for medicine at Bond University, you will be asked to complete, as part of your entrance exam, two screening phases after your academic scores have been analysed:

  • In your initial screening you will be asked to complete two psychometric tests – a Personality test and an Emotional Intelligence test
  • In your second screening phase (following successful completion of your initial screening phase), you will be asked to attend an interview day on campus which includes 4 stations.

How do we ensure that you pass your Psychometric tests and Interviews?

1. You will be tutored by Australian psychometric test experts.

2. Our expert trainers will work with you to improve your weaknesses so you can pass the psychometric tests with flying colours.

3.  We have tutored many applicants to the medical program for the past three years and have a success rate of 95%.and above in the last 2 years.

Bond university’s Medical program screening process:

  • Invitation to submit your application and scores
  • Then you will be invited via email to complete your Psychometric tests either on-campus (suprvised) or online (from home). Bond wants to try to get as many applicants to complete their tests on campus. Everyone will get 2 days (48 hours) to complete all tests.
  • Then, around 3 after the deadline to complete your psychometric tests, you will receive an electronic invitation to attend the interview day at the university campus.
  • Interviews are typically conducted a week after invites are sent.
  • Then, around a week after completing the interviews round, you will receive the final outcome and the invitation to attend the program.

Bond’s Psychometric testing phase:

What type of psychometric tests you will need to take forBond’s Medical Program?

Bond university’s medical program are using two types of psychometric tests to assess your suitability for their program:

1. A measurement of general personality focusing on assessing candidates’ ability to cope with stress and pressure, planning tasks, ability to work with others etc. This test is not timed and includes 185 forced choice test questions

2. A measurement of your emotional intelligence focusing on assessing candidates’ ability to identify emotions, facilitate thought, understanding emotions and managing emotions. This test includes 141 forced choice test questions.