Bond University Engineering

Commercial Construction and Engineering builds on the knowledge gained in Understanding Buildings and Structures & Materials. The environment and constraints impacting on a building construction project are analysed. Construction processes and materials common to many types of commercial building projects are examined. Processes for several ‘trades’ are discussed as well as construction techniques for major components such as foundations and basements, concrete shafts and suspended floors. A range of major plant and equipment is reviewed and other key site management issues considered. 

Subject details

FacultyFaculty of Society & Design
Semesters offeredJanuary 2021 [Standard Offering]
May 2021 [Standard Offering]
September 2021 [Standard Offering]
January 2022 [Non-Standard Offering]
May 2022 [Non-Standard Offering]
September 2022 [Non-Standard Offering]
January 2023 [Standard Offering]
Study areasArchitecture and Built Environment
Subject feesCurrent: $5,070
Commencing in May 2021: $5,250

Learning outcomes

1. Understand and describe basic construction and structural principles and practice in the design and construction of medium and high rise commercial construction projects.
2. Evaluate alternative construction systems and communicate construction solutions by means of sketches and drawings.
3. Assess temporary works and the suitability of plant and equipment for various construction methods.
4. Understand and interpret structural drawings and be conversant with engineering terminology.

Enrolment requirements

SSUD71-101 Understanding Buildings
There are no co-requisites.