Bond University Business School

Over the past decade, Bond Business School has set the benchmark for integrating big data and analytics into the broader spectrum of business, commerce and finance education.

The School is home to the world-renowned Centre for Data Analytics. It is the first and only university in Queensland to offer degrees in Actuarial Science. We also offer a major in Big Data as part of all our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Our focus on this crucial discipline is driven by the fact that the gathering and analysis of data represents the future of the corporate environment and, consequently, the corporate career marketplace. Over the next two years, 76 per cent of Australian companies are planning to increase their investment in data analytics and the number of data science professionals is expected to grow by 2.4 per cent every year between now and 2022.

But, as many businesses have found, it is not enough to gather information and crunch numbers. The true advantage lies in knowing how to apply that data to real-life scenarios in a way that will impact behaviour and improve business decision-making.

This ‘evidence-based’ decision making is a key pillar of Bond Business School’s programs, including our new Bachelor of Business Data Analytics. This is designed to prepare students for a future where big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence will be fully integrated into the business environment.

It also underpins our MBA program which has been redesigned so students can tailor it to their individual career interests. Our MBA program can be completed full-time or on a part-time schedule, utilising intensive `bootcamps’ to accelerate learning, develop professional connections, and minimise time away from work and family.

Above all, Bond Business School is differentiated by its dynamic study environment where small group classes are taught in boardrooms, meeting rooms and the FinTech Hub where you’ll have access to live-streamed financial market data via 40 Bloomberg Terminals.

In the Transformer space, you can work on your own business start-up or passion project, mentored by academics and industry leaders.

And you’ll have access to the Business Commons – a new student lounge area designed for the use of Bond University students.

There is a buzz, an energy, an air of innovation and excitement that permeates the Bond Business School environment. I look forward to seeing how that will change and evolve as our Class of 2020 brings their hopes and dreams and aspirations to the mix.

Professor Terry O’Neill
Executive Dean
Bond Business School

Our mission

The School’s vision is to be the place of choice for tomorrow’s business leaders to study and learn their craft. We will be widely acknowledged, both nationally and internationally, as the benchmark in providing an uncompromising commitment to a premium student experience, focussing on our recognised research strengths in analytics, entrepreneurial thinking; and through developing leaders for society.

Building tomorrow’s business leaders, one by one

To accomplish this, we:

  • Develop professionally, socially and cross-culturally skilled business graduates with learning outcomes focussing on analytical ability, and entrepreneurial, impactful leadership through participating in a rigorous, innovative, small-class and high-engagement learning experience
  • Are a national and global leader in staff performance and commitment, academic program quality, and graduate satisfaction and outcomes
  • Bring together students and staff to share diverse perspectives and ideas from around the world
  • Generate knowledge through high-quality research that contributes to theory and practice in business disciplines and business education, which also strengthens our ability to deliver our graduate outcomes
  • Value quality in everything we do

Our 11,000+ Alumni at a glance

  • The #1 job title held by Bond Business School Alumni is Director closely followed by Managing Director, Manager, Owner and CEO*. Our world-class academics will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in today’s world.
  • Among the top 10 employers are KPMG, PwC, EY, Deloitte and the big 4 banks*. Bond Business School degrees are highly regarded by industry and internationally recognised to help you land that job after graduation.
  • 52% are based overseas in more than 20 countries*. More proof that we offer a true international experience and have access to industry connections all over the world!