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BLOM BANK is a major Lebanese bank that has frequently been selected as the Best Bank in Lebanon by the most recognized regional and international financial institutions. Its business operations are based on a universal banking model that includes: Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Islamic Banking, Asset and Wealth Management, Capital Market Services, and Insurance products and services.

Like all banks in Lebanon, BLOM BANK is going through some profound changes currently. The country has been experiencing a political and economic crisis of which resulted a bank run on deposits that put tremendous pressure on the banking system and which also led to a wide popular movement starting in October 2019. As a result, several banking and financial measures had to be taken. Of these, banks had to resort to defensive restrictions on their services affecting mainly FX transfers, FX cash withdrawals, and limits on international credit cards. Also, to shore up bank capital, BDL issued a directive to banks not to distribute profits in 2019 and 2020 and to increase their capital by 20% by December 2020. Moreover, the economy has experienced additionally three major developments that have left their impact on the bank and the banking sector: the first is the decision by the Lebanese government in March 2020 to suspend payments on its sovereign Eurobonds; the second is the severe disruption caused by the COVID-19 virus; and the third is the tragic explosion to the Port of Beirut on August 2020.

For its part, BLOM BANK has tried its best to adjust to all these developments, especially the new banking measures. To that effect, BLOM BANK published on 11/9/2020 its un-audited, consolidated financial results for H1 2020. Net profits came to $38.82 million compared to $238.78 million in H1 2029. And net profits emanated mostly from BLOM’s units outside Lebanon, especially from the unit operating in Egypt which constituted 59.3% of consolidated profits. In addition, BLOM booked $280.88 million in provisions for expected credit losses against $8.81 million booked in H1 2019. Net interest income reached $553.46 million, up by 47.92%; whereas net commission income stood at $52.53 million, down by 18.04%. As to total operating expenses, they were $158.71 million, down by 12.25%. In terms of balance sheet items, assets stood at $31.43 billion, lower by 5.64% from end year 2019; deposits were $23.78 billion, lower by 8.85%; loans decreased to $4.54 billion, less by 21.74%; and shareholders’ equity increased to $3.19 billion, up by 1.26%. Moreover, BLOM Bank stated that it is required to comply by all BDL circulars as stipulated in the Code of Money and Credit, especially article 208. As a result, the Bank has complied by these circulars for the year 2020 accounts when calculating expected credit losses in accordance to the specified ratios listed in Appendix 6 of BDL circular number 44, and as amended by the intermediate circular number 567 issued by BDL on 26/8/2020.

It is worthwhile to note that all BLOM BANK’s foreign subsidiaries remain well-capitalized and liquid and, as important, enjoy financial independence and are ring-fenced from Lebanese risk. And in this context, it is also interesting to add that BLOM BANK remains the Lebanese bank with the widest foreign presence, and currently has footings in the following 12 countries: Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, France, UK, Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. In this respect, the Bank serves the niche market of Lebanese and Arab expatriates and business people in Europe, and acts as one of the local full-service banks in the Middle East.

Internet Banking

eBLOM online banking is the key to a wide range of online banking services to help you control your accounts, loans and cards from anywhere in the world. Just by connecting to eBLOM, you will discover banking services and useful features that will make your banking lifestyle simpler than it has ever been.

You can use BLOM’s online banking platform in order to get everything you need to manage your accounts and cards while enjoying your daily activities. With easy-to-use navigation, you can benefit from your eBLOM account to gain real-time access to your accounts cards and transactions, along with other unique features that are constantly updated.

Get access to your account when you need it:

  • Check or download statement of your accounts, cards and loans
  • Transfer money from/to your own accounts at BLOM Bank
  • Transfer money locally to an account outside BLOM*
  • Check your account’s IBAN and BLOM Bank’s BIC code
  • Send cash money via the eCASH service to anyone without the need for a card
  • Customize each of your accounts by:
    • Activating/deactivating the SMS Alerts service and setting thresholds
    • Setting nicknames for easier management of the account

* You can instantly add a new beneficiary through eBLOM, or you can visit the branch and sign a beneficiary form.

Manage your cards whenever you want:

  • Check your BLOM cards’ available balance and the used amounts in the current month
  • Check your BLOM cards’ current monthly limits and the used amount in the current month
  • Check the unsettled payments on your credit cards
  • Activate/deactivate the SMS Alerts service on your cards
  • Set nicknames for your cards
  • Hold and release your cards

Contact Details

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Swift Code

A SWIFT code — sometimes also called a SWIFT number — is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). Banks and financial institutions use them to identify themselves globally. It says who and where they are — a sort of international bank code or ID.