Bank Meli Iran

The year 1307(1928) should be regarded as a turning point in Iran’s banking and economic history. It was in that year that after nearly 40 years of foreign dominance on the country’s banking scene, Bank Melli Iran, the first Iranian commercial bank was established and the long cherished aspiration of the Iranian nation turned into reality .
With the establishment of Bank Melli Iran and consequential suspension of foreign banks licenses, the disorderly economic trend of the country was reversed and the newly founded bank began to gather momentum in strengthening of the economic structure and development of agriculture, industry and commerce by mobilizing the huge financial resources and popular savings and by channeling credits toward productive activities.

During the 91 year period ensuing the foundation of Bank Melli Iran the country has witnessed a great deal of changes and turnarounds. Bank Melli Iran which had been founded as a result of an economic exigency, developed at later stages into an active and dynamic element assuming an accelerating role in the country’s economic advancement.
In the year 1310(1931) parliament granted sole powers to Bank Melli Iran to issue banknotes, thus establishing the bank as the country’s bank of issue. Thereafter the bank assumed responsibility for additional central bank functions including government banking operations, the regulation of currency circulation, maintenance of balance of payments surpluses, credit regulation as well as supervision of the country’s banking system.

In the year 1339 (1960) pursuant to the promulgation of the State Banking and Monetary law and the establishment of Central bank of Iran, Bank Melli Iran relinquished its central banking functions.
Such development enabled Bank Melli Iran to concentrate more fully on commercial banking transactions and to achieve further success by taking long strides on that front.

Mobile banking

Visit your branch to register and activate your Telephone Banking service.

BMI’s Telephone Banking System provides the following services 24*7 in three different languages:

  • Account Balance enquiry.
  • The last 3 transactions in account.
  • Receiving on-line statement of account by Fax.
  • Changing Personal Access Code (PAC).


  • Dial the Number +971 4 229 55 56
  • Press the related number for language
  • Farsi 1 , English 2 , Arabic 3
  • Enter your 13 digit account number and press star (*) key. 
  • Enter your PAC and press star (*) key.
  • The system will read your account’s last balance and ask about your required service.
  • Press the related service number as mentioned below. 
  • The last three transactions of account 3, Temporary statement by fax 5, Change the PAC and Exit 9

Internet banking

 Instructions :

  • Browse our Internet Banking and follow the register link. Print the form. Submit completed form to your branch. You will receive your temporary password through the Email or SMS as soon as your request approved by BMI.
  • You can access Internet Banking only by using your User ID and Password. During the first login attempt, it is mandatory to change passwords, which would have been mailed to you by the Bank.
  • If you forget your user name, you have to inform us by way of a duly signed letter. The Bank will then issue a new user name and send it to you. Upon your acknowledgment of receipt of the new user name, we will activate your account with the new user name and password.
  • Make sure no one can see your account login name or the password you’re entering when you log on to Internet Banking.
  • Before leaving the PC please “close” the browser.
  • Do not write your Internet Banking login name or password anywhere.
  • Do not leave your login name and password such that someone sitting at your computer could see them.
  • Never reveal your Internet Banking login name and password to anyone (no representative of Bank Melli Iran will ever ask you for your Internet Banking password).
  • Notify Bank Melli Iran immediately if you notice any unusual account activity.
  • Keep all documents that include your account information in a secure location

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Bank Melli Iran  Bldg,
P.O. Box: 1894,Baniyas Street,
Deira-Dubai, U.AE.

Tel No:   (+971)42015100
Fax No:  (+971)42015282


Bank Melli Iran  Bldg,
P.O. Box: 1894,Baniyas Street,
Deira-Dubai, U.AE.

Tel No:   (+971)42015100
Fax No:  (+971)42295454


Ahmed Seddiqui Bldg,
Khalid Bin Waleed Street,
P.O.Box:3093, Bur Dubai-UAE.

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Murror Road Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre
Beside ADNOC Petrol Station.

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Bin Aziz Commercial Bldg,
P.O.Box: 1888, Main Road, 
Al Ain-U.A.E.

Tel. No:   (+971)37118777
Fax No:   (+971)37664449


Bank Melli Iran Bldg.
P.O. Box: 459 – AlQasimia,Abdul Aziz Street,

Tel No:   (+971)65981111
Fax No:   (+971)65981188


Bank Melli Iran Bldg
Hamad Bin Abdullah Street,
P.O Box: 248, Fujairah-U.A.E.

Tel. No:   (+971)92222551
Fax No:   (+971)92224271


Bin Mohd Bldg,
P.O. Box: 5270, Al Nakheel  Shaqar,
Ras Al Khaimah-U.A.E.

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