Albaraka Bank Online

Albaraka Bank Online

Our Internet Banking system allows you peace of mind with numerous security enhancements. Some of the different security channels we use:

  1. Profile Numbers
  2. Log On Verification Code
  3. Random Verification Number (RVN)

Profile Numbers

  • Al Baraka Bank uses a unique Profile Number Login for clients to access Internet Banking
  •  The Profile Number is given to the client upon initiation of Account
  • Avoids the use of the client’s account number which can be found fairly easily
  • Provides additional security as only the bank and client have access to the unique profile number

Log On Verification Code

  • Additional Security over and above the use of a Password
  • Even if a password is breached due to clients following an email link to internet banking, which is commonly referred to as “Phishing,” Logon Verification is structured in such a way that full verification code is never exposed
  • Only the internet banking user has full knowledge of the logon verification code

Random Verification Code (RVN)

  • A Random Verification Number (RVN) is sent to the user’s cell phone before allowing one to make payment
  • No new or once off beneficiaries can be created without an RVN
  • Notifications in terms of transactions may be customised to suit your needs

Should you require further information, call Customer Services on 0860 225 786