Albaraka Bank Debit Card

Albaraka Bank Debit Card

Below is the information on the Albaraka Bank Debit Card.

You can meet your cash needs, do shopping or perform your all banking transactions with your 24/7 Albaraka Debit Card without visiting our branches.


  • You can use Albaraka 24/7 ATMs and other banks’ ATMs in Turkey.
  • You can access your accounts via all ATMs carrying the Maestro or Visa/Plus, TROY, UnionPay logo, withdraw money or do shopping abroad.
  • You can instantly perform banking transactions such as money deposit, balance inquiry and money transfer.
  • You can pay all your bills and taxes with your debit card via Albaraka Turk ATMs. Also, you can deposit TL and trade FX or gold.
  • You do not need to carry cash with you when you have a 24/7 Albaraka debit card.
  • You can use cash in your domestic and international purchases, and save time without waiting for change.
  • You eliminate the risk of your money being stolen or lost.
  • When you go abroad, you can have cash in the currency of the related country.
  • You can view all the transactions you made with your card, which you can use 24/7, via the Albaraka Internet Branch.

Debit Card – MCU

When you open an account at Al Baraka Bank Lebanon, you can apply to obtain the “MCU” Direct Debit Card. 


Security: PIN code (100 % secure)
Spending Limit: Linked to account balance
Settlement: Upon withdrawal
Card Fees: Zero
Usage: International (ATM & POS) 4 withdrawals for free
Balance inquiry free

Lost or Stolen Cards

In case your card is lost or stolen, you must call 444 5 666 Alo Albaraka immediately. Please visit our card security page for detailed information.