African Bank For Blacklisted

African Bank For Blacklisted

As one of the biggest banks in South Africa, African Bank specialises in providing quality transactional, savings, investment and credit solutions for clients all over the country. The bank offers a range of services, tailored to meet your unique needs.

As a registered credit provider, African Bank is also registered with the National Credit Regulator. Its services are fully compliant with the National Credit Act. For this reason, the bank requires loan applicants to have a good credit record to apply for any of their loan products.

This means that it isn’t very likely that an individual will qualify for a personal loan from African Bank if they have poor credit.

Can I get an African Bank Loan for blacklisted individuals?

Unfortunately not.

Even though there is no African Bank loan for blacklisted individuals, clients are able to apply for consolidation loans.

These loans can be ideal for blacklisted individuals. Reduced instalments free up cash flow and these loans often result in savings.

A consolidation loan from African Bank simplifies the administration of multiple lenders and multiple loans.

Individuals get to benefit from a repayments period of between 18 and 60 months to pay.

Even though loan applicants won’t be able to access an African Bank loan for blacklisted individuals, the African Bank In Seconds service can be highly useful.

By using this SMS banking service, potential loan applicants can avoid having to wait in long queues. If you are blacklisted, you can use the service to find out if you qualify for a loan or not.

You get to know your eligibility for African Bank loans.

It’s essentially a safe way to know an estimated credit offer that you are eligible for.

To use the service, all you have to do is send an SMS with the word “Offer” to 49494 and African Bank will send you a link which will give you a quick quote.