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ABSA Bank Unit Trust

ABSA Bank Unit Trust

Below is a list of the ABSA Bank Unit Trust.

TickerNameEnd of Day Price (R)Date
AAECAAbsa Africa Equity Feeder Fund Class A1.06352018/08/15
AAECCAbsa Africa Equity Feeder Fund Class C1.07592018/08/15
ABAFAbsa Absolute Fund1.71712018/08/15
ABBAAbsa Bond Fund Class A1.18132018/08/15
ABBBAbsa Bond B1.1792018/08/15
ABBCAAbsa Multi Managed Bond Fund Class A1.27912018/08/15
ABBFAbsa Balanced Fund Class A4.58892018/08/15
ABDBAbsa Global Bond A0.012012/11/29
ABEIAbsa Euro Income Fund1.28592018/08/15
ABFCAAbsa Fundisa Fund Of Fund – A Class1.08352018/08/15
ABIAAbsa Inflation Beater B1.71892018/08/15
ABIBAbsa Inflation Beater Fund Class A1.72162018/08/15
ABIFAbsa Global Value Feeder Fund Class A5.6942018/08/15
ABMMAbsa Money Market12009/10/30
ABPEAbsa Property Equity Fund2.88812018/08/15
ABPFAbsa Prudential Fund Of Funds3.16112018/08/15
ABPSAbsa Sterling Income Fund1.07722018/08/15
ABRFAbsa Prime Equity Fund Class A7.5582018/08/15
ABSBAbsa Balanced Fund Class R4.59272018/08/15
ABSCAbsa Income Enhancer Fund1.10132018/08/15
ABSTAbsa Global Value Feeder Fund Class R5.72762018/08/15
ABUDAbsa Us Dollar Income Fund1.4362018/08/15
AM3BAbsa Multi Managed Wealth Protection Fund of Funds Clas12018/01/19
AM4BAbsa Multi Managed Preserver Fund of Funds Class B1.60942018/08/15
AM5BAbsa Multi Managed Accumulation Fund of Funds Class B1.74822018/08/15
AM6BAbsa Multi Managed Growth Fund of Funds Class B1.85472018/08/15
AMFCAAbsa Managed Fund – A Class1.75492018/08/15
AMFCBAbsa Managed Fund – B Class1.75252018/08/15
ASCFAAbsa SA Core Equity Fund Class A1.13032018/08/15
ASCFCAbsa SA Core Equity Fund Class C1.13072018/08/15
ASEFAbsa Select Equity Fund5.81932018/08/15